Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting stuff done... The percentage/steps correlation.

I have noticed that the amount of steps that a project takes directly correlates to the likelihood that said project will get done.  If a project has 0 Steps that means that it has a 100% chance of being completed. 10 or more steps? Means there is a 1% chance of being accomplished.

Let me give you an example:
Doing dishes? 3 steps. Fill sink, wash dishes and dry/put away = 80%  chance of being done. If you have no dishwashing detergent, that adds 3 more steps = 40% chance of being accomplished. The reason? Get into car, buy detergent, come home, fill sink. wash dishes, dry and put away. 6 steps vs 3 steps. But if you make sure you always have detergent, then you only have 3 steps.

Doing Laundry:
There is a 40% chance that it will be completed. Put clothes in washer, Wash Clothes, transfer to dryer, Dry clothes, Transfer to basket, Put away clothes.  6 steps.  Out of laundry detergent? 9 steps. you have a 10% chance of getting it done. Broken drier? You'll be lucky if you get it done once a week!
Now, some might say that getting them dry and and in a basket is 'done'. Not really. That's just something we tell ourselves so we don't feel like crap when we have clothes all over our bed or in multiple baskets all over the house.

Just imagine how this transfers over to DIY projects! Okay, if you want to build a desk that hangs on the wall. Do you have brackets? Do you have laminated plywood?  There is an 80% chance that will be completed. Do you need to go to the hardware store to get those things? There's a 30% chance to getting it done. Decide to get wood boards and varnish it yourself? Your chance of completing it just went down to 10%. Keep in mind you can't varnish it AFTER you've already set up your desk, plus you need a place to varnish it, and a semi nice day to do it. Your chances went waaaaaaaaaaaay down of completing the project.