Monday, August 2, 2010

Presents for the our household Originally Shared Friday, January 15, 2010 at 11:56pm

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We are doing a life makeover.

This is too much for us. Our 3 young children are so overwhelmed by toys that they do not take care of what they have. And it isn't just the children. M2 and I are so overwhelmed by all that gimme gimmes that we have too much stuff as well.

Some tips on buying for the kids:
Is it plastic?
If it is, then please pass it over. We don't want to increase our children's carbon footprint by plastic toys that they will forget about the minute it hits the floor.
Does it make electronic noise?
If it does, then please pass it over. We like for our children to engage in imagination play.
Is it a doll?
Then I ask, is it one that V will treasure for the rest of her life? She has many dolls already, and doesn't need any more. She has Barbies, and babies, and my little Pony figurines. She has so many that she can't keep track of them all.
Is it a car?
Then I ask, is one that will never be found again on this earth? E doesn't need any more hot wheels. Edoesn't need any more remote control cars. Again, we are trying to cut out plastic from our lives.
Check where the item was made.
Was it made in China? Then chances are there are unacceptable levels of lead and other bad things floating on it. It was more than likely made for slave wages and is not doing any thing more for the earth.

What do the kids need?
The kids need organic fabric clothes. Well, and even then "need" is a very strong word. But if you want to give them a gift, the gift of warm clothes or cool clothes is always appreciated.
If you would like to give us gifts in the form of donations to charitable organizations, that would be appreciated too!

I am not trying to be some picky ninny here. I am trying to get a handle on this consumerism that is basically stealing time from us. We have to spend so much time picking up things, that we don't have time to spend enjoying each other's company.

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