Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ruby Red Tea- AKA Koolaide for the kids (and me)

What you'll need:
Gallon Pitcher

7 bags of Passion Tea (Hibiscus) from Tazo
3 bags of Rose Hip Tea from Alvita (extremely high in Vitamin C) 
1.5 cups of Sugar (Turbando, Raw, Organic, Whatever)
1/2 cup of Agave Nectar

(Makes enough for 1 gallon)

Bring a small kettle (or pan) of water to a boil. Take off the heat and  pour over the tea bags. Let steep for 10 minutes while you go clean up a mess, find cups, or other random thing you get called away to do. When your timer dings, or you remember to actually go back into the kitchen, take out the tea bags and add your sweetener. Stir well. Add enough water and ice to make one gallon and enjoy! :)

hibiscus and rose hip tea

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