Monday, May 25, 2009

DIY Cleanser

I have a 28 oz Method Cleanser Bottle that I have repurposed for my own cleaner. It works fantastic and it smells really fresh!

I used:

8 oz of Orange Vinegar (Distilled White Vinegar that I soaked Orange Peels in for a few weeks)
18 oz of Distilled water
1 oz of 92% Rubbing Alcohol
20 drops of Peppermint oil
20 drops of Tea Tree oil
and 5 drops of dish detergent

I am using it on counters, walls, doors, woods, metals, mirrors... and it cleans well! I don't own any vodka or Everclear, but next time I will use something like that instead of the rubbing alcohol. I have to buy some for making cordials/cough syrups anyway and it will be even safer than this one to use.

The Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil are both vermin repellent as well. Mice hate it, and so do other creepy crawlies. :)

Also, it reduces the money you have to spend on other things such as chemical bug sprays. Because the bugs aren't in the house (the pheromone led ones, I believe) the spiders hightail it out of the house because no food supply means no point in sticking around.

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